G's Jazz, frequently asked questions

  1. What is the condition of this record?
    Click on grading key that is on top of every search page. The condition of the record is located within the label information.
  2. What does it does it cost to ship an order?
    See the Shipping & Payment page. For USA, media mail shipping, etc are listed. For Foreign customers, we will quote shipping choices and costs based on weight of order and country.
  3. What are the categories (Formats) of records sold?
    Only Long Play records (LP) are listed unless otherwise indicated. Search results yield ID numbers for each record. 12- are 12" vinyl, 20- are 10" vinyl, J- are 12" Japanese vinyl, 12A- are 12" Anthologies and 10A- are 10" Anthologies.
  4. What is M in the grading code?
    M (Mint) is an unplayed record. Since we have old store stock that can be 40-50 years old, some records were never originally factory sealed. Also, we unsealed some factory sealed records in order to accurately list parameters that are associated with originality of the record (eg color of label, label address, etc).

If you have any other questions regarding this website or G's Jazz Inc., or about purchasing rare and out of print jazz vinyl, magazines, video, and other collectors' items for sale, please email us at Questions for G's Jazz. We will respond as soon as possible and post pertinent questions and answers on this page.